The Arthouse Chantelle is a gallery, studio, printroom, and residency, set in the historic
Bourbonnais town of Chantelle in Allier, Auvergne, France.

My Cats

Just to introduce my two cats -Truffaut and Tati - siamese brothers ( not twins!) who currently place all wid kills - moles, birds, shrews, mice etc tidily in their shared food dish.
When I first got them, first one and then eight months later the second, the talk was loud and extensive. As I lead a rather quiet life, they have adopted my habits, though they can turn it on for visitors or when particularly hungry; They are very different characters, but great friends, sharing 
 food and sleeping together.  
Truffaut, the slightly more senior, whose ownership I share with my grandson Wolfie in Brighton, was fitted with a bell collar to give the birds (of which I am also fond) some warning. After two days he returned without his collar, which I found hooked onto an interwoven wire fence in the garden. It was replaced but the next day the same thing. For a third time I refitted the collar and he stripped it off again in the fence. Tati, his brother,in the meantime kept his bell collar in place, so I gave up with Truffaut and consoled myself that the birds had at least a 50% better chance of survival................. for three days, then Tati returned without his collar and the cycle was repeated. These cats have got it cracked, and the birds, often coloured and interesting but none the less killed, are on a loser.